Who am I?

I am French guy, the early thirties. I chose to leave a safe life and a good job in Switzerland to travel around the world.


To travel but not without a purpose. Like many, I could not travel long term without doing something that, I think, can be useful for others. I would feel empty without it, maybe even selfish. It is part of my education I suppose, to live also for the others.

There are many options to act or do something good while traveling. For example, we can find many volunteering projects. But I needed a different project where I could feel useful and where I could learn something. I decided to use what I know. I have a PhD in biology from the University of Geneva. I worked as a researcher in biology in several countries. I saw the lack of communication to the public from myself and my colleagues. The false idea people had about research. Many people think research is boring or unuseful. This is the reason why I started this website. While traveling in the big world, I wanted to show how the research can help people and what is it to be a researcher in the countries I visit. It is my way to try to open mind. I would like to motivate people having a career in one research domain, or simply to learn a bit more about the world around them.