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No just joking. Keep your money for important causes: help children, stand for gender equality, ecology, animals, help refugees, so many causes are valuable. Just pick one and fight for it. Or keep the money for yourself and buy something nice for your health, your education, whatever is good for you, you must stay the most important cause in your life.

 I do not try to generate an income from the website. Rather good because as you can see the business model of this website is a disaster. No advertisements, no crowdfunding, no sponsors…

So if you like this project the best way to support us is to share. Invite your friends to like us on Facebook, or share the articles you like. It takes a bit of your time but it is extremely encouraging to me.

Moreover, I think it is important to share it to show the human part of science, that good scientific work is done in many countries and to open minds to the world.