Women, sciences and sexism

Following a sad observation, I decided to add feminism to the mission statement. In all the Universities I worked for, first as a PhD student, then as a Postdoctoral researcher, women were under-represented in the higher functions such as tenured professor. I have regularly attended meetings where, among 20 people, there were only 4 women, including the secretary in charge of drafting the report. Speaking … Continue reading Women, sciences and sexism

One world tour and billions of people

Once upon a time there was a couple who went to travel around the world…. “Again those hippies squat the roads of the world and play djembe! In addition they write a blog like all the backpackers … sooo original! They’d better work to pay an iPhone 7 and contribute to help the society! Lazy! I am sure they will give me their speech vegan … Continue reading One world tour and billions of people