Words cannot espresso everything

(The article was written as part of a collaboration with visit.org) Costa Rica is renowned for its coffee among the best in the world. This small country relies on quality to resist in front of the big world producers like Brazil. For example, it is not allowed to grow coffee of lower quality such as robusta coffee. In Costa Rica you will only find arabica … Continue reading Words cannot espresso everything

The travel cannot get bat-ter

From one park to the other, we continue our journey in Costa Rica, still fascinated by the impressive diversity of plants and animals in this small country barely larger than Switzerland. We met Vino De Backer, a biologist specialized in bats, in Monteverde, an area of ​​cloud forest in the northern part of Costa Rica. Vino De Backer received us in his sanctuary dedicated to … Continue reading The travel cannot get bat-ter

Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica

After visiting the Boruca community we took the bus back to the touristic trap tracks. It was kind of an adventure. Public transport here is complicated because there are several bus companies sharing the Costa Rican roads. Several companies therefore several bus stations and of course, competition obliges, they do not exchange the schedules between them. Considering the bus changes, the roads state and the … Continue reading Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica

Boruca, life lesson and community values

The main village of the Boruca community although difficult to access is served by public transport twice a day. Coming directly from San José, we visited this indigenous community and stayed in a family on site. This experience was the greatest we had since the beginning of our trip around the world. But before sharing it with you and to help you to understand what … Continue reading Boruca, life lesson and community values