Looking for dinosaurs in the land before time.

Our exploration of Bolivia continues and we chose to stay some time in the elegant city of Sucre, the official capital of Bolivia. The downtown of this small city is well preserved with magnificent buildings from the colonial time all painted in white. On the top of this architecture, we really enjoyed here the much better weather conditions and celebrated the absence of negative temperature … Continue reading Looking for dinosaurs in the land before time.

Between wind and mountain

A researcher in Bolivia in the world’s highest monitoring station.   Our journey led us through La Paz. The city is impressive in size and organization. Literally, it steps over mountains and makes a frontal assault of cliffs. The funiculars joining the different parts of the city like aerial metros help to be aware of its strange geography. This amazing city deserves at least one … Continue reading Between wind and mountain

Gardens of stones and salt.

Between Peru and Bolivia, we visited one after the other unique and majestic geological formations. In challenging weather conditions and some lack of comfort we visited a lot of them. Here I present the most impressive to us. To start with Peru, we saw the sacred mountain Vinicunca nicknamed “Rainbow mountain”.  The colors are formed by the sedimentary mineral layers in the mountain that have … Continue reading Gardens of stones and salt.