Mission statement

• Show the diversity of research and diversity of cultures.
It is a general media about researchers, their research and about the country where they live. The science here is a way to meet people and take an interest in a multitude of cultural, social and environmental aspects of a country.

• Participate in gender equality.
One of the objectives is to promote and publicize the research of women working in the sciences. This does not mean speaking only about women in science because this would cut us from other interesting projects. It means whenever we have the opportunity to speak about women in science we will do so in order to participate in the gender equality in the most areas we can.

• Demystifying science.
Researchers are human beings (except those found in American movies). They do not live in ivory towers and do not know everything. They are just specialists in their restricted area and often passionate enough to devote their life to it. Moreover, they do not work alone, isolated in their laboratory but in teams. Communication is an integral part of their work. We want to help in breaking the myth of the mad scientist or omniscient half god and show other research work aspects.

• Show accessible research
Presented topics seek to bring a wide-open vision of the world. It is not about presenting the latest technological prowess and incredible research. The popular science journals are already explaining them very well. This is a human approach to research.

• Bringing openness to the world
No taboos. As soon as it is possible to approach a topic of society from a scientific point of view with a serious contribution of knowledge and opinions of people from different countries. Whether in terms of ecology, society, medicine or history, the fields are wide and open. We do not only want to bring raw information but also to decipher it and explain why it is interesting.

Trust is gained slowly and lost very quickly. In the sense of the researchers who open their doors as well as the sense of the public reading the articles. As much as we can all scientific information will come from peer-reviewed articles. Sources are systematically cited. Of course, if it happens that we get a financial advantage by writing an article it will be indicated at the beginning of the article.

Chercheursdumonde.com is brought to evolve in the tackled subjects and the way to present them. Constructive criticism, different ideas, and opinions from everyone are very welcome. All this in open-mindedness, tolerance, and good humor. Finally, if you are interested in the project, we are open to any collaboration proposal.