Argentinian Patagonia and science solidarity

The last step of our journey in Argentinian Patagonia was El Chalten to do several hikes in the Fitz Roy group of mountains.



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The town of El Chalten has only been in existence for 30 years and was established to lay claim to land that both Argentina and Chile say they own. We decided to hitchhike to go there. To me, it is a  good way to meet new people moreover, it decreases a bit the costs of our travel. Indeed the Argentinian Patagonia is not for low budgets travelers.

Our hitchhiking attempt to go there was unsuccessful and we gave up after 2 hours. The strong wind and the cold were too much for our patience. We ended going there with a touristic bus.


With this head, I am not sure I would have stopped either.


We spent some days in the city, perfect place to start exceptional hikes in extraordinary landscapes.


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We rely sometimes on the solidarity of people during our travel. As we are getting closer from the end of the year, it is a time when solidarity and helping each other take a special meaning. I spoke a lot about volunteering in science, to help to protect and to understand different ecosystems, but yet never about the possibility to help researchers from your home. Somehow, it is another form of solidarity, less known.

It is called citizen science and it helps researchers to address previously insoluble problems. It touches all science as it can be questing for comets, measuring snowfall, or monitoring birds presence. It is a way to engage in outreach, to communicate science, and accomplish research aims.

You can find easily a project that may interest you on the following websites:









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