I am singing in the rain in Chile

I wish we could always travel with the perfect weather but all travelers meet at some points of their journey cold and rain. We wanted to show solidarity with our families enduring winter in Europe so we spent some days in the rains of Puerto Montt in Chile.


By a funny coincidence, we arrived just when the Congress of the Chilean Limnology Society started (Limnology is the study of fresh and salted inland waters).


The Congress was hosted in this house that is the Aquaculture Research Division in Puerto Montt.


Out of all the water on earth, freshwaters represent only 2.5-2.75% and the inland freshwater, (surface water in lakes, swamps, and rivers) make up less than 0.01%. The importance of research in this field is often underestimated and poorly understood. Freshwaters are experiencing declines in biodiversity far greater than those in the most affected terrestrial ecosystems. The main threats are overexploitation; flow modification; water pollution; destruction or degradation of habitat; and invasion by exotic species. If you want more information, and eventually contacts in this “wet” field of research in Chile you can check it here: https://www.ifop.cl/en/


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I have to admit, despite the weather, the harbor of Puerto Montt was lovely and extremely typical. Moreover, we were so happy to see some sea lions that we stood several hours at the fisherman market half protected from the rain to take photos and observe them.


From Puerto Montt, we went to Chiloé Island and Puerto Varas. They are cute little places very close. It was very authentic to us mostly after the crowd of Iguazu park.  The houses, the harbor, the people reminded me a bit of Ireland.


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The food is also tasty and heavy enough to handle the bad weather.


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I know it is far from the usual touristic destinations but this place deserves to be known and the inhabitants are friendly enough to give you a warm feeling.



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