One of the most beautiful places in the world is in Colombia!

From the megalopolis to the country village.

After the gigantic city of Bogota it is towards the opposite that we headed. We found the prettiest village we have ever seen so far: Guatapé. This was a surprise to me because I did not check for any information about it before. It’s a quiet village, like coming from fairy tale and only a 2-hour drive from Medellin, the city of eternal spring.

A real pearl in Colombia

This place made me think of other magical places such as Amalfi in Italy or Santorini in Greece. It is rare to discover these kind of places without really expecting it. In the immediate vicinity of Guatapé, after 3 hours of walk, surrounded by enchanting landscapes, is a 220-meter high monolith. It offers a panoramic view of the region. I share with you this short video I made of the village and its surroundings. The song accompanying this video was sung in the Guatapé church during a religious service. I found the voices so sublime that I could not help but record them.


History is revealed in the most colorful way

The village is like an open-air museum. People say that the idea of bordering the base of the houses with pictures comes from a 100 year-old tradition initiated by Don José María Parra Jiménez. These bas-reliefs relate the life of the inhabitants or the history of the city. Some are simply symbolic or others are informative. They are the subject of some historical and social studies like that of Clara Velasquez (link here). But here the main interest is mainly the choice of the leadership of the city to develop strongly the paintings and sculptures characteristic of the village. They generalized them in order to attract visitors. This was a wise choice and the village now lives essentially from tourism. This generates some problems as well, for example during the weekends when the city is overcrowded with visitors. Therefore if you have the chance to visit this city, try it on a weekday.


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