In Colombia and still alive!

We are in Colombia, in Bogotá more exactly. Many fantasies and fears spread about the country. But the reality is far, very far from the stereotypes conveyed by Fox News and other “media”.

As most of you, when we thought about Colombia we were thinking about the FARC, the war, the cocaine and about many dangers. So we were on the alert when we arrived at the airport of Bogotá.


But quickly we had to face up to reality. There were no immediate risks of being killed or kidnapped. The policemen are present and reassuring. The locals are extremely nice and helpful in pointing out any area or behaviour at risk. Without denying the reality of drugs or crime, summarizing Colombia with these aspects would be like summarizing France to its suburbs, Switzerland to its social problems or Belgium to the tensions between Flemings and Walloons.

I reassure those of you who have put money aside to pay the ransom of our kidnapping, this money will not serve right away.


Colombia is 2 times bigger than France. It is a land of great diversity and its inhabitants are extremely kind. After 2 months of travel, for the first time, we felt like at home. In a very short time we were really accepted and welcomed everywhere. Already the first day, a professor in architecture from the Piloto University in Bogotá took time to show us his city and the projects he is working on. His work and the aspects of Bogotá he showed to us will be the subject of future articles. They will be worth the National Geographic 😉

One Hungarian expatriate invited us to her anniversary party. She and her friends spent time to show several part of Bogotá. After two months of traveling it’s nice to talk to so many people. Here we felt being more than simple tourists but real travellers. It is also good not to be seen only as a walking purse.


Here are two short videos that I had fun to do. Their purpose is to give you a glimpse of the city and its tourist places. I hope you will like them.

As usual, do not hesitate to share the article. It is a good feeling to see more and more people reading it. Moreover I think by sharing the article more people may change their mind about Colombia for the good.


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