Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica

After visiting the Boruca community we took the bus back to the touristic trap tracks. It was kind of an adventure. Public transport here is complicated because there are several bus companies sharing the Costa Rican roads. Several companies therefore several bus stations and of course, competition obliges, they do not exchange the schedules between them. Considering the bus changes, the roads state and the difficulties to get schedules, it can take a while to travel in Costa Rica by bus.

After asking five times about different road we can take to go to Manuel Antonio National Park, the person at the counter was making this head:


Different roads because we had to make changes between several companies and the possibilities seemed impractical or at least mysterious. But finally, to the relief of the lady of the counter, we arrived at a solution that required only one change and feasible in a single day. So 7 hours later we arrived in Quepos, next to Manuel Antonio Park.


Manuel Antonio National Park is well renowned in Costa Rica and shouldn’t be missed. The fauna and flora are very rich here and I had the opportunity to make a short video about the park with some of the animals we saw.

I share with you some fun facts about the animals we saw in the park:

Raccoons: The 30th American president Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933) had a racoon as pet. It was named Rebecca. The animal was sometimes aggressive and it was not loved by all employees in the white house.


Agoutis: These small rodents that resemble guinea pigs form monogamous couples that remain together for life. It’s so cute…


Sloth: They come down from the trees to have a poo. But do not stay at the foot of the tree to wait for the sloth to go down, it satisfies this need only once a week … When it makes poo, it can lose up to one third of its weight … After taking this weight off, the sloth can go up in his tree.


Capuchin monkeys do not like wage inequality unlike their male human counterparts.


After Manuel Antonio park, we are going to the park of Monteverde. There we will meet a new researcher in the world: a researcher specialized in bats…


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