Penultimate stage in Mexico: the Lost City

After Akumal and our meeting with Jenny Malone we continue south, to a very little known destination in the South of Yucatan: Felipe Carrillo Puerto, a village known for a talking cross ….

The Litttle World of Don Camillo (1952)

So why do we go there? The locals and travellers to whom we have spoken about this destination were taken aback. The original objective was to see crafts and customs related to the Mayan culture which has not disappeared contrary to what we imagine. Indeed the majority of the population of Felipe Carrillo Puerto are Mayan descendants. The village was founded in 1850 by independent Mayans during the Castes War against Mexico. Therefore this village is a place full of history and culture away from tourist routes.

That was for the theory … in practice the village is very small, the access to the traditional crafts is done by an organized excursion and as there were several misunderstanding with the group in charge of the organization we cannot do it. I expected a boring stay in this town.

One of the animated main street in the city center of Felipe Carrillo Puerto

But these places off the beaten path reserve, sometimes with a little luck, beautiful surprises. Our chance was to arrive during the festival of Caribbean culture with workshops and shows organized every day.

My reaction when I learned about the festival

Only tourists on the village square and under the curious glances of the locals we could enjoy traditional dance shows and performances from various groups of Caribbean music.


Finally in the city’s only museum (3 rooms large as student’s studios) a craftsman presented us the Mayan’s music instruments. It was particularly interesting as the craftsman still manufactures them.


This penultimate Mexican stage was full of surprises. Our journey in Mexico is coming to an end and we are getting closer to the border with Belize. The last step before changing country will be another little known destination of Mexico to enjoy the last days here: Bacalar.


PS. If you are traveling through Felipe Carrillo Puerto or its surroundings and would like to go on a local craft tour you can go through this link, you will avoid intermediary and the same problem we had.


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