End of the Mexican adventure and crossing the border with Belize

 (And a game contest in the next article)

After Felipe Carrillo Puerto we continue south for the last Mexican stop: Bacalar

Again a small village, it is at the edge of a beautiful and very hot lagoon. It is kind of high class destination, more than the other places visited so far. Luxury hotels offer yoga sessions, the craft is less traditional and leaves room for new creators and, last but not least of the signs,  for the first time some restaurants offer a vegetarian dish. We appreciate during a few days the joys of idleness and swimming in a lagoon of colours that seem to come out from Photoshop.

The festival of Caribbean culture continues here too and we could participate to a painting workshop. In connection with this workshop, a local online newspaper published photos of us.


Some pictures of the event:

After Bacalar we continue our journey to Belize with the crossing of the land border…

Land border crossings in some countries are places where special attention must be paid. All kand of people can be found there. Problems can come from corrupt customs officers as well as citizens in search of opportunities to steal the imprudent traveller.


Not specified on the site of the French neither the Swiss government, Mexico applies an exit tax of about 20$.  This tax is almost always included in the plane ticket but if you pass by land the customs are empowered to make you pay. A refusal (possible) will in theory give you a 6 month ban of the Mexican territory. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this customs clearance.

Border between Mexico and Belize

Our passage to Belize went smooth and we continue our route towards Caye Caulker.



In the next article, I will propose a small contest where you can earn a little gift from us.


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