The world tour starts

We take the plane from London to Cancun in Mexico. The weather in London is particularly typical for this month of May. Yes, it is cold and rainy.

From Cool Runnings, released in 1993

We arrive in Cancun the climate is just as typical, a nice 28 ° C. We appreciate the temperature change and this contrast. Our first accommodation is a family hotel run by a young couple. They live on the spot with their 5 year old daughter. We are the only hosts. Unfortunately we are tired from the long journey we had and do not talk with them until late. The comfort is basic but it suits us. We feel very far from the big luxury hotels at the beachfront we could see before.

On the left is our hotel… it contrasts nicely with the all-inclusive resorts of the seaside

The fatigue after 10 hours of flying and 7 hours of jet lag also makes us doubt about the trip. Was it a good idea? Will we succeed in achieving what we want and especially to enjoy this incredible getaway? We will not live only easy moments during this kind of journey, we are aware of it. Most blogs and Facebook pages give an idealized picture of these long journeys. Only a few ones mention the solitude that travelers can feel, the moments of doubt or the stupid things one can miss from home. Fortunately after one night of rest and seeing the first morning rays of sunshine, these doubts fly away and we set out to discover the city. Our hosts kindly shared with us some good addresses and drove us to the local bus to get to the seaside.

Cancun is not close to what we are looking for in terms of discovery and authenticity. Here everything is calibrated for the average tourist. All along the wonderful beach the all-inclusive resorts, the giant swimming pools and the spots proposing very expensive excursions are spread. The seafront is an uninterrupted suite of giant hotels. There is little real exchange and sharing with the locals here. Relationships are extremely biased by money. Of course it would be possible to go deeper into the city, especially by staying with the inhabitant as we do, but in this early trip we will opt for ease by going to a nearby city I expect more authentic: Valladolid.


PS. You can access to all the pictures in full quality following this link


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