One world tour and billions of people

Once upon a time there was a couple who went to travel around the world….

“Again those hippies squat the roads of the world and play djembe! In addition they write a blog like all the backpackers … sooo original! They’d better work to pay an iPhone 7 and contribute to help the society! Lazy! I am sure they will give me their speech vegan anti-globalization alter-consumer save the birdies.”

From South Park, season 9 ep. 02, Die Hippie, Die

Yet another around the world trip! As you can see in so many blogs, there are plenty and it is almost boring. A lot of people are embarking on the adventure. Almost all travel agencies, airlines (Star Alliance network or Air New Zealand) have special offers for this type of big trip. Stand in line for your ticket, it is easy.

From Big Bang Theory, season 04 ep. 08, the 21-Second Excitation

On the other hand, the number of people that do not travel, by choice or because of precariousness is even greater. Yes traveling is a choice but also a chance and a luxury, we are aware of it. Therefore we decided to share this chance and our travel experience on a website. Even if not everybody has access to internet, it is more accessible than a one year trip. We will share among other things the preparation for the trip realizing how many fears are fixed in us and keep us immobilized in our life, the trip itself, the return back to our countries that can also be a real challenge.


As you already know, there are not 2 similar trips. Everyone has his own way to travel. Some will push the adventure without setting limits, neither time nor destination. Some will realize real performances by carrying out a round the world trip by car / boat / plane stop or by recumbent bike. Others have, often because of time limit, a more planned trip with airline tickets and booked hotels in advance. There is no right or wrong way to travel. The important things are the encounters and exchanges you make, the experience of life you find.

You can find amazing life experiences in this incredible tool for sharing called internet. We would like to say thanks to all those adventurers who made us dream with their anecdotes and stories. The ones who helped others by volunteering on 5 continents, the ones who lived the life of gangstas, playing poker in illegal gambling dens and crossing all South America with a motorcycle of hell.

From Ghost Rider, released in 2007

Unfortunately I am not this cool; I am reserved, not self-confident, and absolutely not reckless. I am not someone who parties all night until they kick me out, tries free fall or a road trip of 4000 km with a motor bike in the middle of winter. I do not even know how to drive a motorbike … kind of… Mr. Boring will share with you his travel experience around the world. It is not too much of a dream, isn’t it?

Distorted from Mr. Clever by Roger Hargreaves

But the Mr. Boring stops there because it is not only the beautiful scenery, or anecdotes about the visited places or a vista stamps in my passport that I will share with you. You will also find all of it for sure so much better on other sites. I will present the work of researchers living in the countries we are visiting. What they study, their observations, and their view of the country where they live. I will try to provide you with a different point of view of the visited places and of research as well.

I dreamed and grew up watching the movies from Jacques Cousteau; French TV shows about the world, its beauty, science and nature. Inspired by them and by my experience as a researcher in biology I will try to build a bridge between you and the discoveries, adventures and wonders experienced during this journey.

Dora the explorer is another crazy adventurer

For this project we leave everything behind and will travel simply with a backpack, a few plane tickets and an insurance to spend about a month in each of the following countries: Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Laos, Cambodia and Japan.

In red: the countries to be visited

I will finish these lines with two thoughts that I find important to prepare for a trip

  1. A travel like a story is better with guiding principle.
  2. The travel must be like the one who does it because it will become him.

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